While open to anyone, the Professional Division of Table Hockey Tournaments caters to the serious table hockey competitor.

Those players who regularly compete or want to compete in table hockey tournaments, who have or seek international / worldwide ranking, who seek a sanctioned event, and who want to test their skills against other players from around the world. The Professional Division of Table Hockey Tournaments is limited to 64 players for each of the four tournaments: Stiga, SoHo Pro, SoHo 5380, and SuperChexx; and will award prize money to playoff winners.  

The Professional Division’s Tournaments are on Saturday, and the Professional Division’s Playoffs are on Sunday; with the exception of the SoHo “Pro” playoffs, scheduled for Saturday night.

Q1. When Do I Need to Arrive? 

A1. Saturday, November 23, between 09:00-09:30 Arrival Time. You must arrive to RiverWorks between 9 and 9:30 AM to confirm registration, receive group welcome, introduction to where things are in the venue, and when rules for the day will be discussed. Problems? Call 855-500-9842 (WTHA).  

Q2. When Do I Play?

A2. 10:00, first Pro tournament starts.  

Q3. How Much Will I Spend?

A3. For Adults ages 21+, if you register and pay between now and October 26, only $35.99. For children ages 10-20, $20, however, the first child is $FREE between the ages of 10-20 when parent or guardian pays for their own Adult Player Registration Fee. Adult registration prices will increase to full / regular price starting October 27.  

Q4. What Games Will be Played?

  1. Stiga
  2. SoHo Pro
  3. SoHo “S”
  4. SuperChexx

Q5. How Many Games Do I Play?

A5. If 64 players register in the Professional Division, you would play 15 games on each table hockey game multiplied by the four models featured. That’s 60 games! If you qualify for the playoffs, then you would play more games.

“Friendly’s” – You can also play games against others (friendly’s) when games are not being used for the tournament or playoffs. Use our event in Buffalo as your chance to, for example, play against players from across the USA and Canada, e.g. someone from Florida playing someone who traveled from California.  

Q6. What is the duration or time of each Game?

A6. To keep the event on schedule, all games will be five minutes long.  

Q7. What Can I Win?

A7. If register and finish in the top 3 in the playoffs on any manufacturer’s game you would earn a trophy or medal and prize money. First, second and third place prize money is $200, $100, and $50 respectively for each manufacturer’s tournament (STIGA, SoHo “Pro,” SoHo “S,” and SuperChexx), plus the Multi-Board Playoffs. That’s five opportunities to win.

Also, we will offer raffles, silent auctions, and more throughout the day.

Q8. When Is It Over?

A8. For those players who do not qualify for the playoffs, about 7 PM (19:00). For those players who do qualify for the SoHo “Pro” playoffs on Saturday night about 8:30 PM (20:30).

And More…

  • Free gift bag for players participating in Saturday’s tournament (first come, first served basis)
  • Have fun playing table hockey with your friends and family
  • All registered players become members of the WTHA
  • All players will earn national and international ranking and points based on that player’s overall finish
  • Purchase table hockey games at a discount
  • Enter raffles for table hockey games
  • Enter raffles or silent auctions for NHL autographed items
  • Your participation raises money for charity!