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Chernivitsi, Ukraine

Yana Savchuk joined the World Table Hockey Association’s Communications Team as a journalist.
Savchuk will produce interviews, reports, research and provide her opinions involving the people, places and events related to ice, bandy, and table hockey in Ukraine.

Yana brings experience in journalism and sports to the WTHA, as she has been the moderator of the sports column for the Chernivtsi National University’s (CNU) student newspaper. At CNU, she played hockey with friends and enthusiasts where she was “happy to cross hockey sticks” playing “bandy” in warmer months and ice hockey on ponds and lakes during winter months.

She is also qualified teaching German. Today, she continues to enjoy history, literature and languages including her native one – Ukrainian, German and English.

She writes about her student life, post-graduation and personal interests: “I am not sure whether you can imagine your life at college or university without sport. I definitely couldn’t. Therefore, I gladly joined the local volleyball team. When I was at school, I used to play ice-hockey. To tell the truth, that’s what I truly enjoyed. After graduation, I decided to stay in the Chernivtsi city, lovely place in the West of Ukraine, where I still live with my family. And I am proud of its local history and multicultural communications. As for my personal interests, I enjoy history, literature and languages. I believe that language learning broadens your worldview and helps to share some knowledge about your country. I would like to investigate hockey as it reminds me of my school years and those days when I moderated sports column in school newspaper.”

Yana Savchuk, has a M.A., Teaching English Language and Literature, Chernivtsi National University (CNU), Ukraine, 2014.

We warmly welcome Yana to the World Table Hockey Association’s communications team!

About Chernivtsi, Ukraine

In Yana Savchuk’s opinion her hometown of “Chernivtsi looks more like Vienna, though many refer to this wonderful city as ‘Little Paris’.” Nicknames aside, she writes, the Chernivtsi’s  “architecture is amazing!” However, what is more important than its architecture are the local people who are, “so hospitable that here you’ll definitely feel yourself comfortable and welcome”.

Chernivtsi is located in the western part of Ukraine and is very close to Romania and Moldova. Like many beautiful places on the European continent, as the temperature increases so do the tourists arriving to the city. There are many things to do in Yana’s hometown from hiking in summer to all the range of winter sport in cold seasons.

Chernivtsi National University (CNU), reminds Yana and others of the magical Hogwarts’ University from the Harry Potter movies (books by J.K. Rowling) and at the same time CNU is an open-air museum that shows all the moments in Ukrainian life few centuries ago.

She is proud of her hometown, local history and multicultural society. There are many things to do from hiking in summer to all the range of winter sport in cold seasons.

Photograph of the quad, Chernivtsi National University (CNU), Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Chernivtsi National University (CNU), Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Chernivtsi National University (full name Yurii Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Ukrainian: Чернівецький національний університетімені Юрія Федьковича) is a public university in the City of Chernivtsi in Western Ukraine. One of the leading Ukrainian institutions for higher education, it was founded in 1875 as the Franz-Josephs-Universität Czernowitz when Chernivtsi (Czernowitz) was the capital of the Duchy of Bukovina, a Cisleithanian crown land of Austria-Hungary. Today the university is based at the Residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans building complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011.

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