Wednesday, 21 Sept. 2022

Listen to Learn more about Each of These Upcoming Events

More information may be added to this page in the coming days.

In the meantime, listen to the podcast and go to each event’s respective websites to register to play!!!

The Old Ellicott Cup

Bubble Hockey Tournament

If you live in the Delaware-Maryland-Virginia area, you should register and attend Shawn’s Smith’s “bubble hockey” tournament, at the B&O Railroad Station Museum.

  • The event is 2-10 PM, Saturday, 24 September, 2022.

To learn more about the event, details and to register go to:

The Old Ellicott Cup, Ellicott City, Maryland, September 24, 2022

The Detroit Cup

Bubble Hockey Tournament

If you live in Michigan or surrounding areas, you should register and attend Anthony “Tony” Peake’s “bubble hockey” tournament at the Detroit Beer Exchange.

  • Friday Night Social “Meet & Greet,” 07 October, 2022.
  • Saturday, tournament round robin and then playoffs.

Please register now and no later than Friday, 07 October.

To learn more about the event, details and to register go to:

First Annual – Detroit Cup, Friday and Saturday, October 7 & 8, 2022

Time Line of Subjects Covered by Peake, Smith, and Scoma

Name Time
Anthony “Tony” Peake, Grosse Point, Michigan 00:00:09
Shawn Smith, Ellicott City, Maryland 00:00:40
Shawn Smith
— About The Old Ellicott Cup, Maryland
— Shawn’s Update of his upcoming event, The Old Ellicott Cup 00:00:52
Anthony Peake, Detroit Cup
— “Diamond Mark” for Workplace Tournaments 00:06:16
— Fraser Cup, Regional Tournament, Detroit, Michigan 00:07:31
— Detroit Cup vs Fraser Cup, Difference 00:08:18
Greg, Host, THS
— About Sport Tourism in Canada & USA 00:09:07
— Value to Community – Outside Tourist Dollars 00:10:41
— Doing Those Things that Grow the Table / Bubble Hockey Audience 00:11:56
The Old Ellicott Cup, Maryland
— Maryland – The Old Ellicott Cup 00:11:58
— History – Shawn Schools Us on Olde English vs Victorian English 00:12:57
— History – Mary’s Land 00:13:33
— History – Ellicott’s Mills, Patapsco River, Rail Road 00:13:46
— Register at 00:16:32
— Philanthropy through Bubble Hockey 00:18:00
— Seeking Entry to Mid-Level Players in the Delaware-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) area 00:18:18
— High Quantity of Games to Play, Have Fun, & Energy of the Sport 00:19:20
— How to Learn at Tournaments to Improve Your Game 00:19:45
— Joy – Sheer Joy, Having Fun, & Childhood Memories 00:21:40
— FREE to Play!!! – The Old Ellicott Cup 00:22:33
Detroit Cup
— Social “Meet & Greet,” Friday, Oct 7 00:23:30
— Tournament, 10-6 PM, Saturday, Oct 8 00:24:01
— Cost – $50 per person includes food & beverage 00:24:33
— Event Organizer – Covering Event Costs 00:25:04
— Philantrophy 00:25:25
— Grand River Ball Room (hip, old bank) – two blocks from Little Caesar’s Arena 00:25:46
— Register at 00:26:36
  Beer Exchange – stock exchange pricing of beers (fluctuate during business hours) 00:26:50
Why Friday Night Socials? 00:27:51
New Players Coming In & Player Retention – Ideas 00:30:11
Rookie – How Anthony is Managing 00:30:42
Want Rookies and All to Have Fun Tournament! 00:32:26
Myopic versus Broad Far-Sighted Vision for Table Hockey – Comparison of Games: Stiga, SoHo, SuperChexx “bubble”, cost, size, ease of play 00:32:51
Comparison Analysis by Dr. Lou Marinoff & Kenny Dubois, Montreal, circa 2007 00:33:53
Vision for Table Hockey – Brand Agnostic, Competive Quality – Adopting Foosball’s Approach 00:35:22
What Buffalo’s Table Hockey Event 2019 Proved! 00:36:51
Table Hockey Experiences 00:38:41
St. Louis, next September 2023 00:40:38
BONUS / Closing Material 00:41:58
2 PM Start, The Old Ellicott Cup (TOEC) 00:42:09
Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road Museum 00:42:15
Beer & Beer Sponsor – Monty Python’s “He Who Has Yet to Be Named” 00:44:00
Michigan – Metro Detroit (5 Ws)
Event Organizing: Back Office Complexity versus What’s Communicated to the Public
Thank You’s and Good-Byes