Intermission on Long Island.  Time for Table Hockey!

What’s going on? We are S-slottin’!

Playing the fastest, funnest, intense table-top hockey game out there: The SoHo S-slot.

35-1/2 inches long by 19 inches wide, this game has been played the last 50 years but only lately upgraded and perfected in collaboration with Table-Hockey champs across North America.

High speed action by two or four players, this simulated hockey game, known as the “S-slot” for its wavelike slots in front of each net, is a combustible combination of skill, speed, strategy, and more speed.

Five “players” and a “goalie” controlled by you & your opponent have five minutes to score as many goals as you can. But be warned: there are no free shots by your “center,” who is closely checked by two “defensemen,” each ready to slap the puck into YOUR net. So you gotta be quick!

The super-speed of the S-slot produces a thrill in every competitor because of the design and the durable tournament-tested components that make up the game.

No behind-the-net-ramps; no “icebergs” or bumpers; the S-slot basic pattern makes the game easy to play while creating a thrilling tempo.

Do you like speed in your sport?

Are you ready for non-stop action?

Then start the timer and let’s go S-slottin’!

Sandy Pylos