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About Mariia Maksimova

JOURNALIST, WORLD TABLE HOCKEY ASSOCIATION ========================================= SAMARA, RUSSIA ========================================= Mariia Maksimova, joined the WTHA's Communications team in January 2019. Maksimova provides news, research, and opinion from Russia on topics including table hockey, ice hockey, ice and grass bandy, culture, events, players, and more! ========================================= Maksimova, youngest of our writers is graduating from school this year (2019). Her experience includes writing for the Grass Hockey Federation in Samara, and translating a Canadian and American cookbook into Russian. ========================================= Maksimova sports experience and pedigree is strong. She is a professional tennis player. Her father and grand-father were both professional ice and grass hockey players. Her father played for teams: "Trud" “Podshipnik”, and “CSKA VVS”, in national tournaments, and earned the Soviet title of “Candidate Master of Sports” in grass hockey. Her grand-father, is a famous coach throughout Russia. Among the players he trained includes, European and World Champion, Alexander Platonov. ========================================= Maksimova looks forward to writing for World Table Hockey Association and contributing to her family's hockey dynasty.