Similarities and Differences Between the Amateur and Pro Tournaments

In Common

In Buffalo, there will be two (2) different Table Hockey tournaments: PROFESSIONAL and AMATEUR. Decide which division, Amateur or Pro, is best for you or your family?

Both the PROFESSIONAL and AMATEUR DIVISIONS will feature four table hockey games; three manufacturer’s table hockey games, plus one manufacturer who is providing two different models of table hockey games. Therefore, we can and will operate four tournaments within each category to promote the manufacturer’s providing support.

  1. Stiga
  2. SoHo Pro
  3. SoHo “S”
  4. SuperChexx (“bubble hockey”)

Common Opportunities

  • Free gift bag for players participating in Saturday’s tournament (first come, first served basis)
  • Have fun playing table hockey with your friends and family
  • All registered players become members of the WTHA
  • All players will earn national and international ranking and points based on that player’s overall finish
  • Purchase table hockey games at a discount
  • Enter raffles for table hockey games
  • Enter raffles or silent auctions for NHL autographed items
  • Your participation raises money for charity!
  • and more…

1. Amateur Division

Differences Between the Amateur and Pro Divisions

The Amateur category will, as the name implies, be for those who have never played table hockey, or played a little bit, are young players, walk-ins on the day of the tournament, and others. 

Basically, we want to open the event up to introduce new people to the sport and for those who just want to have some fun.

The Amateur category will have a player limit of 128 players. (Unlike, the PRO category which will be limited to 64 players).

  • If a player reaches the playoffs, he or she would compete for the “Amateur” Division Championship
  • In the playoffs, the champion (1st), second place (2nd), and third place (3rd), players will receive an award (e.g. medal, trophy, or plaque) in each of the categories below:
    • General field of players
    • By age (10-15)*
    • Physical challenge*

* Need a minimum of two players to have a playoffs in these two categories

Amateur Division Playoffs

The playoffs for the AMATEUR Division will be on Saturday, November 23. While prize money will not be awarded there will, however, be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners with medals or trophies, all players will earn international ranking. 


(1) The one price you pay to register in either the PROFESSIONAL or AMATEUR division will give you admission to all tournaments within that division.

(2) The price we charge you or your family to play in the Amateur Division is less than the price to play in the Professional Division.

2. Professional Division – Description

Differences Between Pro and Amateur Divisions

The Professional Division is open anyone. But, the Professional Division caters to the serious table hockey competitor, those who regularly compete or want to compete in table hockey tournaments, who have or seek international / worldwide ranking, who seek a sanctioned event, and who want to test their skills against other players from around the world. The Professional category will award prize money.

The Professional Division will be limited to 64 players for each of the four tournaments: Stiga, SoHo Pro, SoHo “S” Classic, and SuperChexx. Whereas, the Amateur Division is limited twice that amount at a limit of 128 players.