Today, marks exactly one year to the day that I went on hiatus from my table hockey related endeavors.

It is fitting that I start off this post with the Olympic motto “Citius, Altus, Fortius.” (Faster, Higher, Stronger), because this is what I must become if I want this and my related endeavors to be successful. Better stated, I must “Commit, Smart, Execute.”

Having take a full twelve months off with much introspection and reflection, I want to continue what I began. So, I am re-starting The Table Hockey Show and the World Table Hockey Association.

During my hiatus, in my introspection and reflection,  I learned some harsh truths about myself:

Commitment #1. Ensure I Meet my Family’s Needs.

I need my wife’s support of my table hockey endeavors. Having focused this past year on my home and family, I have her encouragement to re-start my endeavor. But, to maintain her support I need to balance my her needs and the family’s needs with what is practical to put in the time and effort for this table hockey endeavor to have a chance at success. So, my commitment here is to find creative ways to meet those needs, such as doing less hands-on work myself and not only agreeing to hire professionals, but finding them with a balance on cost.

Commitment #2.  Ensure I Spend Quality Time with My Children

I must ensure I spend quality time with my children. So, I need to ensure I’m directly interacting with them at least a predetermined amount per week. I must also make this commitment to my extended family, as with me “out of sight though no out of mind,” but I need to be involved in their lives, as much as I need them involved in mine. Warmth.

Commitment #3. Ensure I Exercise and Eat Well

I do not have the energy I once had. While I cannot change my age, I can begin to exercise. So, my commitment here is to start and maintain an exercise routine and improve my eating habits.

Commitment #4. Ensure I Best Manage My Time

I have some internal programming that I must overcome and that is going to be a struggle. But, if I want to achieve my goals I must do battle…with myself. I reason, other people have family’s, jobs and issues that come with life and yet they reach their goals. Without trying to rationalize how they do it, I have to find my own way to succeed.

Commitment #5. Act Upon What I Have Invested by Ensuring I Execute, Execute, Execute!

I do believe in my vision and to fail to set out on a mission to achieve that vision, is failure. All of my previous years research, things learned and a crazy amount of money spent…that could have went to family, home or future…will have been completely wasted if I stop now.

And, I have others interested in what I’ve learned how to do technically, so I will harvest from what I’ve learned and put that to use in other areas to earn income, i.e. pay myself and my family back for the money I’ve already invested.

So, I am going forward intent on being working smarter, not harder. The infrastructure is built. I have researched and planned this to death. Now I must execute.