The Amateur Division’s Tournament and Playoffs are all on Saturday.

Q1. When Do I Need to Arrive? 

A1. 09:00-09:30 AM, Saturday, 23 November – Arrive to RiverWorks, check-in, welcome, and rules Saturday.

Q2. When Do I Play?

A2. About 10:15 AM. The Amateur Division will begin play after the Pro Division starts. The Pro Division is scheduled to start at 10:00.

Q3. How Much Will I Spend?

A3. That depends on you. Adult registration will increase in steps the closer we get to the tournament. But, to answer the question, between $20 to $35 for adults and between FREE and $25 dollars for children/teens between 10-20 years old.

Q4. What Games Will be Played?

  1. Stiga
  2. SoHo Pro
  3. SoHo “S”
  4. SuperChexx (“bubble hockey”)

Q5. How Many Games Do I Play?

A5. If 64 players register in the Amateur Division, you would play 15 games on each of the four different table hockey games listed above. That’s 60 games! If you qualify for the playoffs, then you would play more games.

Q6. What is the duration or time of each Game?

A6. To keep the event on schedule, all games will be five minutes long.

Q7. What Can I Win?

A7. If you finish in the top 3 in the playoffs, you would earn a trophy or medal. However, we will offer raffles, silent auctions, and more throughout the day.

Q8. When Is It Over?

A8. For those players who do not qualify for the playoffs, about 5 PM. For those players who do qualify for the playoffs, about 7 PM.