Do you know or can you list a person or people who, for example, REGULARLY played table hockey, or hosted tournaments, or manufactured TH games, and were well known to the public at that time or since?

By “well known”, celebrity or famous, I would define as meaning the person was or is known across a province, state, country or internationally.

I’ll start this off to help get it going by providing four people along with books they have written in the box beneath this post. While you will only see eight (8) books, I included a total of 20. So, just type in one of their last names in the Search bar and their books will display for you.

Dr. Lou Marinoff is a table hockey player. He is also a philosopher, author of many books to include those on the application of philosophy to improving one’s life (my words), philosophical practitioner, musician, been in a few films / movies, photographer and more.

Mr. Stephen Giannangelo is (at least) a collector of table hockey games. He is also an author of books on the psychological analysis of serial murderers, criminal investigator, professor, and more.

Mr. Stan Fischler, also known as the “Maven” is a table hockey player. He is also a hockey historian, an Emmy winning broadcaster, a New York City Subway historian, author of many, many books on hockey, and professor.

Mr. Grant Ainsley, is a former top table hockey player. He was also a media personality and public relations professional who has since become one of Canada’s most popular media trainers, speakers and consultants.

While I have a few more that come to mind…Can you name any others? Until our Community Forum is up and running, please either place a comment below or send us an email to