WASHINGTON — 11 March 2022

Mark your calendars!

This week, the Hilton Hotel, a local professional ice hockey team, and the World Table (& Bubble) Hockey Association (WTHA) met with the purpose to host and support a three day Table and Bubble Hockey Festival in downtown Washington, D.C.

The weekend for this event is Friday, April 29 through Sunday, May 01.

The concept includes a Friday Night Social with an opportunity to mix and mingle with the best table and bubble hockey players, huge pro ice hockey team’s alumni, photo opportunities, getting in games with the pros and charity fundraising.

Table and bubble hockey manufacturers and craftsmen involved include, SoHo Table Hockey LLC and Innovative Concepts in Entertainment.

The inclusion of Stiga Table Hockey games has been tentatively approved. However, details need to be worked before a final decision.

Establishing pricing, sign up and registration, sponsors, and goodies is being actively worked by all parties involved.

This event is intended to be the first in a series that would occur each fall and late winter. Twice per year.

The concept for this event includes:

  • Friday night social and charity mixer with the ice hockey team’s alumni, and
  • Saturday and Sunday table / bubble hockey tournaments using SoHo Classic Table Hockey Games and Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE)

As you can imagine there have been many world events and corresponding challenges for manufacturers, event organizers, government officials that have made it difficult to plan and confirm an event, which we understand gives you a shorter notice.

However, most people realize these are challenging times.

If you are interested, please email us at info@WTHA.com or better go to our Facebook page and post on the topic, so we can gauge interest. https://www.facebook.com/WorldTableHockeyAssociation/

Thank you!