There are two table hockey organizations headquartered in Europe: the International Table Hockey Federation (ITHF) and the World Table Hockey Association (WTHA) Europe.

The World Table Hockey Association (WTHA), Europe

In Europe, the World Table Hockey Association (WTHA) is international, non-profit, non-governmental organisation established in 1992 in Sweden. Estabishing members of the WTHA are Sweden, Poland and Czechoslovakia.

At this time, WTHA (Europe) is wholly separate from this website and the WTHA (International), WTHA (USA) and WTHA (Canada). However, the Presidents of both WTHA (Europe) and WTHA (International) did meet in Budapest, Hungary in 2013. As that meeting is not appropriate for this post, we will write about that separately.


Since August 2006, the WTHA (Europe) is registered according to the Czech law system and has its seat in Prague.


The main task of the WTHA is to lead and organise international table hockey competitions, especially competitions category BILLIARD-HOCKEY for all categories of players. Each year the WTHA organises European or world championship in billiard-hockey and lots of other tournaments in this game.


The WTHA is also open for other table hockey disciplines (like air-hockey, Russian “Luch”, magnetic hockey, etc.) and competitions in these games.

Member Countries

Contemporary, the WTHA has more than 20 member countries.


For more information concerning how you can join the WTHA and its competitions in your country or other activities contact us at


The International Table Hockey Federation (ITHF)

The International Table Hockey Federation (ITHF) is an international non-government organization uniting the associations of table hockey players. The members of the ITHF are the table hockey associations from all over the world.


The Headquarters of the ITHF is Zapadni 3, 323 00 Plzen, the Czech Republic.


Table hockey as taken by the ITHF means the game produced by STIGA Company (Sweden).


The purpose of the ITHF is to:

  • Promote table hockey internationally and to take whatever measures are necessary to this end.
  • Represent the interests of its members at the international level with regard to the authorities, other sport associations, the mass media and the public, in so far that it is not left up to the members.
  • Promote sporting contact between all table hockey players in the world and to organize World Championships and other world tournaments.
  • Monitor and ensure keeping of the existing system-specific rules, to develop a set of standard rules, and to draw up an international sporting calendar.
  • Fight doping with all means standing to requirement, to accept the WADA-Code together with their members in form of the framework guidelines of the ITHF and to stand up for the fact that any use of doping substances and thus the use of forbidden, performance-increasing means of any kind in the sport is prevented.
  • Conduct and administer the official table hockey world ranking.


  • The ITHF stands for freedom in sport, its voluntary nature, and the community of sport.
  • Members and table hockey players cannot be forced, either by rules or in any other way, to play a different system of table hockey to their chosen one.
  • The ITHF makes no distinction of race or religion and is politically neutral. The ITHF is a non-profit organization.


The best way how to contact ITHF is to use e-mail