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Ovi-O’s Cereal Case

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Black Friday Sale!
The World Table Hockey Association has a special offer for its fans!
Limited Edition, Alexander Ovechkin’s Ovi O’s Cereal.
The case is unopened and contains 12 boxes. (3 boxes free!)



The World Table Hockey Association has a special offer for its fans!
Limited Edition, Alexander Ovechkin’s Ovi O’s Cereal

The World Table Hockey Association (WHTA) has a limited supply of 60 plus boxes of this honey nut cereal and box featuring Ovechkin’s trademark smile.

A portion of the WTHA’s sales will be donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation, Inc. (CCF)

Giant Food, the leading greater Washington D.C. regional grocery chain and official grocery sponsor of the Washington Capitals, is NO LONGER offering this honey nut cereal.

A portion of proceeds from the WTHA’s sale of Ovi O’s will benefit the Maryland-based Children’s Cancer Foundation, Inc. a non-profit that is committed to funding locally-based researchers, programs and facilities until every child is assured a healthy future.

The WTHA is proud to offer a delicious breakfast cereal that will also help fund the important work of the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

The cereal box will be hard to miss for dedicated hockey fans, as Ovi O’s will feature Ovechkin’s toothless smile on the box and will sell for $10.69 plus shipping for a 12.25 oz. box. Or, the WTHA has a few unopened cases with boxes of 12 boxes of new unopened Ovi-O’s cereal! The expiration date on the boxes is November 29th, so after that date this is a collectible, not a meal.

In addition, the Capitals teamed up with Balti Virtual to bring the Ovi O’s box to life with an augmented reality game, Ovi O’s Slapshot presented by Giant, using Snapchat’s Lens Studio. Customers who have purchased Ovi O’s can scan the box in Snapchat to access this interactive hockey game which gives fans the ability to control Ovechkin as he shoots the cereal at moving targets.

After time runs out, players can share their score on social media to compete with friends or scan the box again to keep playing. Information on how to access the game in Snapchat is available by clicking here or scan the Snapcode below.

The WTHA is offering this limited edition supply offans in Canada, USA, and select European countries.

“I love cereal and it’s a huge honor to work with Giant to make Ovi O’s and help the Children’s Cancer Foundation support kids and families in the D.C. community,” said Alex Ovechkin.

Play Ovi O’s Slapshot on Snapchat


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