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Reebok 6K Pump Goal Skate- Sr ’10


Reebok 6K Pump Goal Skate- Sr ’10

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The Reebok 6K Pump Goal skates features The Pump Technology that is the ultimate in personalized pro performance and comfort. The 6K boot is made of Heavy-duty ballistic nylon quarter package provides great protection while remaining relatively light and durable. The boot liner is a Clarino liner that wicks moisture away from the foot and dries quickly after use. Other features are the new molded asymmetric Flex-Cuff that functions with The Pump technology ankle bladder to maximize comfort and feel. The cowling is the Customlite cowling that features a lightweight pro-profile with moisture exhaust vents and a butterfly toe shield with Proformance stainless R30 runner that delivers freedom of movement and a long lasting edge.

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