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Registration for the Amateur Table Hockey Tournaments


Amateur Division – Description

The Amateur category will, as the name implies, be for those who have never played table hockey, or played a little bit, are young players, walk-ins on the day of the tournament, and others.

Basically, we want to open the event up to introduce new people to the sport and for those who just want to have some fun.

The Amateur category will have a player limit of 128 players. (Unlike, the PRO category which will be limited to 64 players).


Amateur Playoffs

The playoffs for the AMATEUR Division will be on Saturday, November 23. While prize money will not be awarded there will, however, be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners with medals or trophies, all players will earn international ranking.



Friday Night’s Charity Event Schedule is subject to change. Play table hockey and raise money for charity. The cost could go up so we suggest you register now! Click here to read more about the WTHA’s Friday Night Charity Event.

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