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National Table Hockey League (NTHL)National Table Hockey League (NTHL)

Founded 2014

Mission: The NTHL’s mission is to encourage the revival of organized table hockey, and on many different boards, but with a focus on the “Classic” Coleco 5380 and its direct descendants: Labelle, Carleco, and Soho. The NTHL sanctions Classic tournaments for top competitive players (“Masters Series”) and amateur leagues for players of all ages — boys and girls, men and women alike.

Vision: The NTHL envisions a day when table hockey is more universally appreciated at its true worth. The sport is competitive yet amicable, intense yet non-violent. Table hockey develops and rewards total concentration, lightning-fast reflexes, superb eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, victorious spirit, and virtues of sportsmanship. The NTHL envisions many more players, and a broader audience for table hockey, a sport for life.

Conviction: The NTHL’s conviction is that table hockey confers many additional benefits. Enhanced concentration is the best remedy for ADHD. Table hockey’s social matrix also discourages bullying. Children who play organized table hockey will perform better in school, and will also be more sociable. Table hockey is an antidote to attention deficit disorders, and to violence in schools, among other “social epidemics.”

Locations: Currently, the NTHL has leagues and/or tournaments in the following cities,
New York

For more information, contact:
President: Carlo Bossio,
VP: Burt Brassard,
VP: Lou Marinoff,
Web: Julian Marinoff,

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