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REEBOK 26K Pump Hockey Skate- Jr


REEBOK 26K Pump Hockey Skate- Jr

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The New Reebok 26K hockey skates feature the PUMP technology which allows players to personalize for pro performance and comfort. RIBCOR flex lightweight structure for enhanced forward flexion with a 3.9 mm HD foam core that enhances stiffness. With a upgraded liner the skate is quick drying with a dual zone heavy duty microfiber liner that ensures great fit and comfort. The tongue of the skate is 7mm felt and EVA foam tongue that also provides fit and comfort. The Outsole of the skate is composed of vented fiber glass composite that provides stiffness for optimal energy transfer and reactiveness, the skates Midsole is injected surlyn that increases support for enhanced blade to boot interface. The footbed is comfortable and durable as well as gives an anatomic response. The skate also incorporates the speedblade pro holder which increases attach angle providing greater strides and cornering, the runners are speedblade stainless steel runner that allows a long lasting edge for a long term performance.

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