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BAUER Nexus 1N Hockey Pant- Jr ’16

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BAUER Nexus 1N Hockey Pant- Jr ’16

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The Bauer Nexus 1N Hockey Pant has a wide variety of protective features, ranging from the Seven+ Technology™ foam featured on the spine, the molded dome construction at the hip, Molded HD foam on the Kidney, 2-piece ergonomic thigh pad, and a pro level abrasion-resistant 840 denier overlay (Thigh + Hip) on the outer shell. When it comes to Fit/Mobility, the Nexus 1N Pant has an MD foam belt with embroidered logos, stretchable fabric in the flex panels, stretchable leg gussets with pleated zippers, a skate lace closure system, 37.5™ Technology in the liner, and extension fit (+1″ in length) & suspender buttons.
Removable outer shell & thigh guard for easy logo & stripe post embellishment.
Europe Specific Features
• Same features as Nexus 1N Pant
• Addons: 6 removable hook & loop patches for logo embellishment

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